The Fire, Budapest Sport Arena, 27th May

There is a need of time and patience for setting fire – all of the elements are important part of the process but when the wind comes and inflames the fire it becomes unstoppable. We were able to experience it on the 27th of May in the Budapest Sportarena: the flame relighted and thousands of people’s heart beat together for the Lord! Thanks for coming and living this memorable time with us. It was fantastic to experience that neither country borders nor denominational barriers can stand among us for raising God’s name and praise Him. Glory to God for this weekend and for what we experienced there!

The whole event started with 24-hour worship where 14 great groups led us in praise and it continued with the conference, where Reuben Morgan with the Hillsong Worship team and then Les Moir gave us useful suggestions how to serve God with those gifts we received from Him. We do believe that the blessings you received on the event will be a blessing on your own Christian community also.

The program continued on the stage where superb groups led us in worship for the rest of the day. We would like to express our special thanks to Unless,  Béla Pintér and his band,  Új Forrás, Laci Prazsák, Heléna Durkó, Laci Csiszér and his band and singers, Guvna-B, Péter Gerendás,  Amen group, and furthermore, to Rend Collective and also Reuben Morgan and the Hillsong Worship team.

We are grateful for the gospel and encouraging words that Viktor László and János Sámuel Győri shared with us. It was wonderful to see – when Reuben Morgan asked us to make a confession – thousands of people have made one of the most important decisions of their life by responding that they would like to live their further life with God’s leading.

Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers also who contributed with their great work thus everything went smoothly during the event, and a big thank to You as well who came along because you had a desire to meet God. We do believe that you returned home with an everlasting experience and with the living Lord Jesus in your heart. Be blessed and carry the good news with the same fire which you were filled by in God’s presence. Let’s meet next time in 2018 in the Budapest Arena!

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