With the purchase of the This Is The Day! products you support our mission.

Give to your loved ones the souvenirs and the other quality products of the This Is the Day!

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Offering of advertising appearances

We do use several types of advertising surfaces for realization of the this is the day! events. If you have the opportunity, please support our mission with a free or with a reduced rated advertising appearances. Thank you!

Write to us:

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Offering of the 1% of your personal income tax

All Hungarian citizens who earn income in Hungary have the right to offer 1% of their personal income tax to one foundation. Please offer your ones for the ‘Lélek és Élet Alapítvány’ (Soul and Life Foundation)

Lélek és Élet Alapítvány (Soul and Life Foundation) Tax number: 18064993-2-13 thank you!

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Support our mission by financial. The tickets price to our events are not covering the total costs.

LÉLEK ÉS ÉLET ALAPÍTVÁNY 11702036-20686246

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Financial Support via Cheque

Support our mission by financial through Cheque. We are happy to post to you the cheques.

Request a Cheque:

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Why we need your support?

In one of our earlier events one of us grandmother (who was an elderly believer) asked it with surprise: – Why we have to give, the money does not come from the centre of the church? – She asked it because she got used to that if there was a bigger event, the costs were covered by her church national centre. It was difficult to explain to her that as in the case of the This Is The Day! events there is not a church support behind it and the costs covering depend entirely on the generous brothers and sisters to whom the event is important.

  • Our events are self-supportings.
  • We do NOT receive any support from any outside source.