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Margaret island, 19th June 2010


Festival of joy on the Margaret island

Anyway it was felt if God smiled on us. It was absolutely true on the 19th June on the jubilee ‘This Is the Day’ event. Its reason it was that on the previous night there was a storm and the rain was pouring down, and on the very day of the event a wind stormed most part of the country. However, on that day, on the Saturday the sun shone over Budapest so we were able to enjoy the good weather without heat.

We lifted our praise to God on that day

Furthermore, the other happiness of the organizers it was that from PM 2 Christian brothers and sisters were constantly coming to the event. We could also say: brothers and sisters were coming as in the nice old days. They came from different churches and congregations to pray, to meet, to rejoice and to plead to our beloved country and nation. During the gather it was felt how big thirst has in the Hungarian Christians’ heart to live the unity and to its proclaim. So these things gave the power of the meeting as well as it happened in the past decade.
On PM 3.30 19th June 2010 the bugle-call of the Baptist Wind Instrument Band was heard on the green grass of the Margaret Island Athletic Centre in Budapest, and very after the greetings of Viktor LASZLO and Zoltan KUNSZABO, Bela PINTER entered to the stage to invite the youngest next to himself. From this time on at least one hundred member children choir sang together to the greatest happy of the children in the audience and to their proud parents.
At the end of the concert, most of the families went to the children stage where they could meet with the performance of the ageless Peter LEVENTE, the Sisa Show and the Nursling Children Mission.
Additionally, during the whole day all of the games were really successful: the real life ‘csocso’ (imitated football game), the jump castle and the rush climbing field as well.
During the event there was a ‘Listen-to-You’ Tent to those who wanted to have a chat and who might were in a need of spiritual help. On the stands of the Mission Expo (with the support of the Hungarian Evangelical Alinasz) we got an insight to the works of the Hungarian Christian mission organizations’ work.
Meantime, we had a real enjoyment in the Balazs BOLYKI’s two songs with the contribution of the Gyor Star Mass Choir. They were followed by not a less extraordinary ‘Do Not Give Up’ band where handicapped and healthy youth makes happy music and they sing about the testimony to the most important values of their life, namely, about faith, about hope and about love.
After this, such a group started to do its service with the lead of the most well-known Hungarian Christian musicians: Laszlo CSISZER, Istvan GYARFAS, Bela LAKATOS, Laszlo PRAZSAK and Bela PINTER. It is always very good to see them together, and their love and humbleness towards each other was transmitted to their audience. Well-known and newer worship songs of them encouraged us to sing and to worship God together. In these moments everyone felt a real courage that God must be the most important in everyone’s life.
It is always very important part of our ‘This Is the Day’ event to pray together to our nation. This part of the program was led by Zsuzsa DRUCKER and Ivan FOLK with two heart-stirring songs which became classical by nowadays. These songs expressed perfectly our wishes and our testimony: ‘Wake up sleeping Hungary’, ‘There is no one only Jesus’, etc.
It was followed by the prayers of the representatives and leaders of the native churches which were accompanied by the believers’ pray who were thousands. The ‘prayer-block’ was followed by a well-known writing songs of the Eucharist band, namely, by Andras and Gellert GAVEL who sang the ‘Our Father’ song and another famous song.
Lots of people came to the Margaret Island on that very purpose to see one of the most well-known worship leaders in the world, namely, the American Ron KENOLY.
Around at PM 7 he started his concert with his band which mainly consisted of his sons and brothers. On this concert they showed us the mixture of the happiness, the dynamism, the God seeking and the prayer which can only be done by the biggest ones. When Ron started to sing it was felt at the first moment that we would have special experience. Furthermore, Ron showed us his another face of him: the evangelist. He proclaimed the gospel with an amazing preciseness and delicacy, and finally he led the prayers of the converters. Thank you very much Ron, it was a real experience to meet You personally!
They were followed by a Pantomim group whose Hungarian native speaker young members arrived from the Serbian city called Ada who demonstrated a heart-stirring scene of the Redemption history which title was: Everything.
The last few minutes were followed with a huge applause of the audience when Jesus threw out himself to his tormenters to suffer instead of his sinner creator.
Before the closing big concert, two ‘musician giants’ stood on the stage, and they appeared not with their highness. It was a great honor for us that two Hungarian outstanding singers have accepted the invitation of us with a suitable song. Janos KARACSONY sang an LGT group hit, his own composition called ‘Bless the song’ and Sandor SASVARI sang a beautiful pray from the musical version of the Les Miserables.
Finally, the day was closed by the ‘stormy’ concert of the Planetshakers.
We have already known the ‘World Anarchists’, we had the pleasure to enjoy their concert on the roof terrace of the WestEnd Shopping Centre last year with a great surprise the incredible freshness and the sweeping energy of this very young group. On this evening they lived and blasted with such an intensity on the stage that no-one could pull out himself from the effect of their performance.
According to our calculations, more than 5,000 people appeared on our jubilee event. So we thank God for the last ten years and for this day. In addition, we thank to the faith, the present, the prayers, the donations and the help of our brothers and sisters.
We pray together that our old dream come true in the forthcoming years and we will have the opportunity to organize our national worship day with a crowded audience in the Budapest Sport Arena.

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