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Budapest Sportarena, 30th May, 2015


This Is The Day! 2015 – an event where our thirst was eased

We managed to spend with you another fantastic This Is The Day! in God’s presence, and we thank you that thousands of you celebrated with us at our 15th annual jubilee event.
We thank for the splendid bands that they led us in God’s worship: to Béla Pintér and his band, to Laci Csiszér, to Hanna and their team, to Laci Prazsák, to the Not an Idol band from Moldova and to the Crux Band from Upper Hungary (Slovakia) who was awarded with this year’s This Is The Song! prize.
It is our great delight that we could welcome Bethel Music who led us into an intimate worship. We could live through such a close praise which we know very well from their recordings. Furthermore, we knew also very well the energetic worship of Rend Collective which swept over and filled up the Arena, and there were not hands which were not clapping, and there were not legs which were not jumping during their worship. It was simply impossible to resist doing such things which was also shortly expressed by Gareth Gilkeson as well. He encouraged us to express our joy as we lived through the redemption and God called us to have joy.
We recollect with a thankful heart to the minutes of silence as well when Kálmán Mészáros, Zoltán Kunszabó or Viktor László shared their encouraging thoughts. It was sensational to see the respond of hundreds of people that they would like to continue their life with God in the future. Please pray for them.
Additionally, it was also a great thing to pray with the presented leaders of the church and the vicars. We are happy that we were able to bless them and through them the Hungarian pastors of Christ’s body.
In addition, it was a special experience that in the finale we managed to worship the Lord with our friends who came from different nations. On the same stage there could stand the Rend Collective Band from Ireland, our friends from Slovakia, Moldova and Spain, and Viktória Krizsán who represented those Hungarians who live outside of Hungary in the neighbouring countries. How great is it also to express our togetherness that we are one in Jesus even if we speak different languages.
Special thanks for all of the worship teams also who participated in the 24h worship programme and prayed for the event from Friday evening. We thank very much for the hundreds of volunteers who supported and contributed with their immense work that the event could run smoothly. Furthermore, there is a big thanks also to the sensitive and grateful audience, to you who were thirsty and wished deeply to meet with God. We do believe that after the event you returned home with a permanent experience and with the living Lord Jesus in your hearts.
Let’s meet on the following This Is The Day! on 4th June 2016.


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