If there ever was someone who was created to be a musician, Martin was that person. In this article we look back at how Martin Smith’s musical career started as the front man of the former Delirious? band.

Martin contracted bronchial pneumonia when he was 6 months old, and he was placed in an oxygen tent at the hospital to help him breathe. His parents prayed that God would breathe into his lungs again and he would make a noise! If this happened they decided they would dedicate their son to Gods service. Their request was answered and Martin recovered. He went on to make a big sound around the world with the songs that we love. When he was a child it was clearly seen that he had been something special and he was different to other kids. When he was 8 years old, he decided to serve God and began to ask many questions of faith – he had lots of questions, and was looking for the answers. His parents provided their family with a stable Christian home and he grew in his love for God.

Martin is now married to Anna and they have 6 children, always a welcoming family looking out for people of all walks of life. One Hungarian girl called Eszter helped them in their home when their children were young and reported that there were always visitors and always fun! Martin was 13 years old when his Dad asked him to play for the church youth group. Quickly, he learnt three chords, and he began to lead worship. Then he saw Graham Kendrick lead at the Spring Harvest festival and he felt he had seen a part of his destiny. From this time, he started to write songs and lyrics, and has been doing this ever since. Later, he became a sound engineer in a recording studio and has been using these skills ever since then so he can record his songs in his home studio. Afterwards, one of his friends invited him to an exciting church service where he met his future wife, Anna. It is amazing that Anna’s two older sisters got married to the keyboard player and drummer of Delirious? so there were three brother-in-laws in that band! Soon after that they started the worship evenings called ‘Cutting Edge’ where they gathered young people from all over the UK to worship. Martin wrote songs for that event each month which they recorded. Amazingly they started to travel around the globe and into many hearts and became the anthems for a generation of youth.

During this time Martin and his wife experienced a life threatening car crash. They were driving home late one night and hit a wall. The fire fighters never thought that they would be able to rescue anyone from the wreck car but he escaped with just a broken leg. Whilst in hospital he realised his vision to make music his full time job. He asked his band members and they also said yes – this became the story of how the Delirious? band started and lasted until 2009. Their most famous songs are: Rain Down, Majesty, Lord You Have My Heart, Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?, and I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever – these are known all over the world.

After these episodes, their story is well-known – millions of people listened to them in concert and through their recordings. Martin has remained an active artist after the band broke up and has visited Hungary several times with his band mates. Martin Smith has been an active participant of the Road Show between 2019 and 2020, and he will be a main performer in our Stadium 2020 event as well.