We are so much thankful as we look back to the recent week when Nick Vujicic the famous motivational trainer who was born without limbs visited our region. This took place as part of our This is the day! Roadshow as a preparation for the 2020 stadium event. We spent three days with Nick who spoke first in Romania at Cluj-Napoca and Sfântu Gheorghe then had two speeches in one day in the Budapest Arena.

On all places Csiszér Laci and Prazsák László played along with the Never give up band. Nick spoke about the importance of faith, hope and love pointing to Christ. He emphasized that God loves everybody and we all can have hope if we accept him, one day we will embrace each other in Heaven. At the end of all his speeches he called the attendees to make decision and we gladly saw that several hundreds responded in all three places. In Budapest he had a special meeting where students were invited and he encouraged them to stand against bullying.

Nick’s messages always lift us up and it happened now as well. We believe that these events brought blessings and spiritual impact to many. We continue the This is the day! Roadshow in November when we visit 11 local cities and also we go to cities where Hungarian speaking people live in the neighbouring countries. Music will play a main role on these gatherings as Martin Smith, Noel Richards, Caramel, Pintér Béla, Csiszér László and others will play.