Nich Vujicic, a speaker born without arms and legs, held several sold-out speaking events in October as part of This Is The Day! Roadshow in Cluj Napoca, Sfântu Gheorghe, and Budapest. In his message, he pointed to Christ, focusing on faith, hope, and love. We had a chance to chat with him before his presentation in the Hungarian capital.

You motivate lots of people during your talks and many people gain new strength because of you. However, presumably you also get tired. How do you motivate yourself? How can you recharge yourself and renew strength in you life?

In spring and fall, I travel a lot, but I spend winter and summer at home with my family. That gives me plenty of time to replenish my energy, to be with my wife and with my children. It is hard to be far away from my family, and sometimes it is really tiring to travel across continents, but I still think I have the best job in the world. I believe this is what I was born to do, to visit countries and encourage people, to proclaim to them the message of faith, hope, and love. Back to the personal question about recharging, I try to read the Bible every day and I love listening to worship songs. My heart is always open to God, so I don’t need to wait until Sunday to talk to God at the church. He loves me and wants the best for me. If I need wisdom, God is there, if I need comfort, He is there as well.

You grew up in a Christian family but you were very angry with God, you even tried to commit suicide. How did this mentality change? How did you start believing?

Every Sunday, I went to church as my father was a pastor. I knew the Bible, but I did not understand why God had not given me arms and legs. As a child, I prayed a lot about this, but then I gave up because I felt that God was not fair with me. After that, I experienced a four-year period of depression when I did not speak to God at all. My future seemed hopeless, I had lots of questions, I thought that I did not have a chance to ever be happy. I felt lonely and isolated, and all of that made me want to commit suicide. I was thirteen years old when I realised that instead of being mad for what I don’t have, I should be grateful for what I have. My parents always told me to “do your best and God will do the rest’. Two years later, at 15, I gave my life to God when I read in the Bible how He healed the blind man. I cried to God, ‘Lord, if you heal me like you healed the blind man, I will worship you, but even if you do not give me healing in my body, please heal my heart, my mind and my soul’.

During your travels, you have met lots of people and heard about lots of life situations. Which story had the biggest impact on you?

I have met lots of people who have no limbs like me, but when it happened for the first time, it was a life changing experience. I saw Daniel Martinez, who was one-and-a-half-year-old at the time, in a church around a decade ago, and our souls instantly connected. He touched my heart deeply, because as a child I longed to meet someone who was like me. It would have been helpful if a man without limbs had come to my school and talked to me about bullying, assuring me that in the eyes of God, I was a valuable person.

Despite your disability, you are a happy and cheerful person. What is your message to those who are whole in their bodies, yet they are not happy?

We can be physically whole but broken on the inside. I see that a lot of people struggle with depression because they do not have goals in their lives. A pastor once said, ‘Who could better tell you what your purpose is than the One who created you?’ I believe that everyone’s life has a purpose, and there is hope for us all as long as we keep pursuing it. Our happiness does not consist in our health or our material possessions. We can only be truly happy if we find our purpose in life.

What would you say to those who blame God and are mad at Him because of their disability?

Everyone who lives with any kind of disability must know that God loves them, sees them and He is aware of their needs. I would like to encourage everyone by saying that God never burdens us with more than we can carry. Our hope does not focus on this world but rather on knowing that anyone who believes in Him will go to heaven. And until then, even if He should not change our circumstances, our hearts can be changed to see Him and to live our days focusing on Him in the hope that we shall see Him face to face.

Are you totally satisfied with your life or do you wish you had limbs? Do you still pray to have them? Do you believe in a miracle?

I know that God can do wonderful miracles of physical healing. I have seen blind eyes and deaf ears open, and lame people walk. I used to have three holes in my spine, and the doctors told me there was nothing they could do, in fact, I should get used to the idea that one day I might not be able to move at all. These small gaps have since disappeared, and my spine is totally healthy. The doctors cannot explain what happened, and they had to recognise the miraculous healing. I keep a pair of shoes in my closet in case God should give me limbs one day. But I know that if He does not do it, if He does not give me a miracle in my body, I will have to be the miracle for someone else. I do not know whether or not I will ever have arms and legs in this life, but I am sure that I will have limbs in heaven, and I will be able to embrace people who will say to me, ‘Nick, thanks for coming to my school, to my country, and for helping me believe that God has a plan for my life and that heaven is real.’ This is the greatest thing of all.