Noel Richards – 25 Years. The Singer, The Songs

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Noel Richards – 25 Years. The Singer, The Songs CD

Noel 6 dicsőítő CD-jének a gyűjteménye, benne egy új élő válogatással.
Benne van Noel összes korábbi albuma (a Road to Berlin kivételével) egy különleges kiállású dobozban. Itt hallhatjuk Noel 25 évnyi dalszerzőimunkásságát, melyet 10 év alatt vettek fel.
Tartalmaz egy 48 oldalas füzetet, melyben elolvashatjuk valamennyi album létrejöttének történetét és minden szám szövegét is.
Az élő válogatás CD 13 felvételt tartalmaz melyeket Nagy-Brittaniában valamint Kanadában vettek fel. Ezekből 3 ének még nem jelent meg Noel egyik stúdió albumán sem.

A doboz a következő 6 CD-t tartalmazza:
1 By Your Side
2 Thunder In The Skies
3 Warrior
4 Dangerous People
5 Calling All Nations
6 The ‘Live’ compilation

Minden CD egyedi borítóval.

1. There is power in the name of Jesus
2. Blessed be the name of the Lord
3. Our confidence is in the Lord
4. Medley: Jesus Christ is Lord / All heaven declares / I will seek your face
5. Sing to the Lord
6. Cast your burdens
7. You laid aside your majesty
8. Sovereign Lord
9. Lord, you are calling
10. By your side

1. My lips shall praise You
2. Welcome Kings of Kings
3. Lord, I lift your name on high
4. You are mighty
5. Behold the Lord
6. Lord and father
7. To be in your presence
8. Thunder in the skies
9. Nothing shall separate us
10. The closing days
11. Come, Lord Jesus
12. Jubilee song
13. For the rest of my days

1. Warrior
2. I could sing of your love forever
3. The battle is the Lord’s
4. I walk by faith
5. Sing to the Lord
6. He has risen
7. Good news
8. Praise God from whom all blessing flow
9. Overwhelmed
10. For all the people who live on the earth
11. We want to see Jesus lifted high
12. Champion

1. Love songs from heaven
2. Keep on praying
3. Let your love come down
4. I do believe
5. I want to be out of my depth
6. There is no-one like our God / God is with us
7. Dangerous people
8. Come out of darkness
9. Have you heard the Good News?
10. You are my passion
11. I see the Lord
12. Last generation

1. Calling all nations
2. Come, now is the time
3. Passion for Jesus
4. How can I live?
5. All I want is you
6. I’m crying out
7. I believe
8. Let the people hear
9. What Jesus would have done
10. When I worship you (Heaven comes to me)
11. How I long for you / All I know

The ‘live’ compilation CD:
1. Dance
2. Let Your love come down
3. Warrior
4. Dreamers of Your dreams
5. All my love
6. I could sing of Your love forever
7. I walk by faith
8. We want to see Jesus lifted high
9. He has risen
10. When I worship you
11. Sacred place
12. Champion
13. By Your side