Thanksgiving filled Central-Europe

After a long preparation, expectation and seeking the Lord’s will, we look back with grateful hearts to This is the day’s 20th anniversary. We believe that God’s will was to hold the event online. We are grateful, that due to the online stream four times more people could worship God in many parts of the world, than the stadium’s capacity. Thanks for the many feedbacks and encouragement we received from you.

It was a joy to see that regardless of their church background there were so many people who joined the online worship. We invited several worship leaders to participate and it was an honor as they sent their videos from the surrounding nations and farther. Many thanks to our partners, who within and outside of Hungary carried the news of the event including publishers, artists, churches who shared the live stream on their social media channels.

The five-hour long program consisted of three elements: greetings and music from Eastern and Central European artists, the same from well-known Western musicians, and local worship leaders who played in the stadium. Between the songs there were messages, round-table discussion and prayers.

We are so thankful to God, that we have a good relationship with the worship movements of the surrounding countries. We felt it really important to have them in our stadium program. Slovakia was represented by the Godzone movement and Timothy band, Laviniu Gabor sent greetings from Romania and Andrej Grozdanov played with Vanessa Mioč from Croatia. Svetnik and CheckPoint played from Slovenia, whom we met on the Ljubljana Roadshow concert. Hungarians who live beyond our border was represented by Crux from Southern-Slovakia (Felvidék), Reménység and Worship Night from Transylvania, Amaro Del from Ukraine (Kárpátalja) and Dobner Illés and Évi from London.

A little farther but still close to us Not An Idol sent video from Moldova, while Veronika Lohmer sent greeting from House of Prayer in Augsburg. Mate.O from Poland, Tomáš Polívka from the Czech Republic, Zhivko Barbutov from North-Macedonia greeted us.

A special part of the afternoon was, when Pintér Béla led a round-table discussion about the Roadshow. Some local organisers shared their experiences how these events affected their city: Petz Reni from Eger, Lele Máté from Szeged and Tömő Anita from Szombathely.

The live program in the stadium started with local musicians, who were worshiping the Lord. First was Prazsák László who played from the centre circle. Then PZM, Gável András, Gável Gellért, Mező Misi, Csiszér Laci, Prazsák Laci, Unless, Pintér Béla and Hanna came from a studio inside the Arena. Caramel also sang from the football field and his beautiful psalm ascended toward heaven.

Between the local singers, we could watch videos from such foreign artists who could not participate personally because of the pandemic. First our long-time friend and bearer of the stadium vision, Noel Richards, then one of the pioneers of modern christian music, Graham Kendrick played. The ex-lead singer of Delirious?, Martin Smith sent a greeting, then London Community Gospel Choir, Michael W. Smith, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Kim Walker-Smith and Rend Collective played.

On every This is the day! event we put an emphasis on sharing the word. We could hear the famous writer Max Lucado, the leader of Passion movement Louie Giglio, the motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, and Les Moir, who represented Integrity Music. In Hungarian we heard a compilation of the messages which were told on the Hope Nights and László Viktor also shared his thoughts.

Another important part was the prayers. Youth leaders from the neighbouring countries, from different historical and new churches sent their prayers. These were: Gurzó János from Hungary, Olgyai Csaba from Southern Slovakia (Felvidék), Szabó Árpád from Serbia (Vajdaság), Sipos József from West-Ukraine (Kárpátalja) and Szűcs Dávid from Transylvania. The event was ended with the Hungarian national anthem sung by Bolyki Sára.

On this day there was a loud cry toward heaven reaching and calling many nations for next summer. Thanks for staying with us! We are thankful for the many feedbacks! We hope that by God’s grace we meet on the 24th of July, 2021 worshiping together at the stadium.

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