Arena was full with God’s praise

We are very grateful as we look back to the June 1st This is the day event when the Budapest Arena was filled again with worshippers. Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated our Father along with us. Kudos to all who helped as a volunteer, worked long hours anyone who helped this event to succeed. “I am the way the truth and the life” said Jesus in the gospel of John. We focused this year on the Truth. This was the main theme of the singers and also of our speakers who shared messages from the Word with us: Dr.Gorove László, Kiss József, Rudy Nikkerud and László Viktor.

At 4pm the event started with the 1000 piece This is the day! choir and the Joy Gospel symphonic band. Then came the Unless worship band accompanied by Dobner Illés and Durkó Heléna who led us deeper into worship. Following we could see Friderika who sang first time at Ez az a nap. She sang among others her famous song (Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet?/Whom can I confess my sins?) she reached the 4th place at Eurovision contest years before. Our first foreign guest band was Pat Barrett and the King’s Village.When they sang the Good Good Father song Gável András and Gellért joined them and sang part of it in Hungarian. Worship-school band and Hanna sang one of the most epic worship song:Oceans. Noel Richards was the next who is a long-time friend and supporter of This is the day. Later on a very powerful trio: Prazsák, Pintér, Csiszér the three most well known local worship leaders led us into an energetic worship session. László Viktor the founder of This is the day looked back to the twenty years road and how God placed the vision for the old Nepstadion to fill with worshippers. On the July 18, 2020 in the newly built stadium which is the nations’ largest venue this dream may come true. Noel Richards also encouraged the audience to participate on the 2020 event. There ts a lot to do to accomplish this task so please try to find out how can you help, organising groups, buses, with prayer or with financial support.

The highlight of the evening was the Planetshakers band our friends from Australia. No one could remain sitting even the most unwilling started to dance listening to the rythms and melodies as the whole Arena jumped. Between the songs they gave tesimony and encouraged the crowd to fully commit themselves to serve God. It was a pleasure to see the many raised hand who responded. We like the good atmosphere, to worship God but the most exciting is when someone makes a decision to follow Christ. We are thankful that this evening we could witness many of such commitments.