We are very thankful as we look back at the 8 days of travelling to 6 countries for the This Is The Day! Roadshow worship events. This last tour brought us to a total of 23 concerts, in the past half year.

It was such a joy each night to see the crowds who came to sing and pray together, to our Heavenly Father. There were many challenges and new opportunities during this trip but throughout, we felt that God was with us, surrounding us with his love.

Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Osijek, Subotica, Kecskemét, Szeged and Arad – are the cities we visited. It was amazing to see each venue full and the anticipation of those who came. We were encouraged to see people coming in buses from far distances and hear of those who came with us to more concerts. It was so meaningful to hear their reactions, feedback and encouragements; – these strengthen us as we continue.

We were thrilled to pray and worship in such nations where division and conflict were once common. In Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia just a few decades ago there was war in the cities; but now we could pray in unity to our God. For example, Subotica in Serbia was a special night when Croatians and Serbians prayed together. Also Arad, Romania was remarkable where – even though our two nations had many tensions – Csiszér Laci, Prazsák Laci and Pintér Béla led both Romanians and Hungarians together in joyful worship to our Lord.

Martin Smith and his band travelled with us. On this and the previous Roadshow tour in November we saw his humility and passionate heart for the Lord. Each evening, we appreciated how he led us in worship with wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Noel Richards also travelled with us to every event and not only played on the stage but helped in many ways behind the scenes. Andrej Grozdanov and Pintér Béla were also with us throughout the tour. In Osijek, Croatia we were joined by Mező Misi, Csiszér Laci and Prazsák Laci.

At each venue we invited the following well known local worship bands and artists to participate in the programme:

  • Vienna, Austria – Veronika Lohmer and Outbreakband.
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia – Abend, Svetnik and CheckPoint
  • Zagreb, Croatia –  The Alpha Band & The Kingdom Friends, Emanuel and Petar Buljan.
  • Osijek, Croatia – Matej Galić, Emanuel and Petar Buljan.
  • Subotica, Serbia – Serbia Worship, Shalom Romalen and Darijo Šehić.
  • Kecskemét, Hungary – Mike Sámuel and Lackfi János.
  • Szeged, Hungary – Gável András and Gellért.
  • Arad, Romania – Harvest Worship.

In some of the countries and cities visited, we had few contacts which can be challenging. In other places we were working with people who have supported us from the very beginning of this project. For some venues, the Roadshow was the first large Christian event held there.

We are hugely thankful for all the help, support, hard work and effort of the local organisers and volunteers. Without these friends, the Roadshow events could not have happened!

We look forward to welcoming you all on the 18th of July to the Puskás Arena!