Les Moir is a leader at Integrity Music who played a major role in contemporary Christian music in recent decades. In his writing, he looks back on the road from the ‘97 Wembley Stadium event to the establishment of the Hungarian connection.

In early 1994 I travelled to Brazil after hearing they had started to do March for Jesus there and was pleased to see close to 1 million Christians gathered to declare their faith on the streets of Sao Paulo. Whilst I was there my host showed me a video of Brazilian Christians gathering in stadium to worship Jesus. Feeling inspired, when I got back to the UK I told Noel Richards about it all.

Noel responded that God had put a similar thing in his heart, concerning Wembley Stadium. Noel had seen Queen live at Wembley on the television back in 1986. There were 78,000 people at the concert with their hands in the air singing “We are the Champions of the World’ and the vanity of it resonated with Noel. “There was so much energy in it, and yet it really meant nothing. There’s only one champion of the world and that’s Jesus’ – Noel explained. That’s where the idea of a stadium praise concert was birthed. I felt this was a vision from God and Noel and I, started the journey toward Wembley together.

I was producing Noel’s albums and I encouraged him and his wife Tricia to write more anthemic and rockier songs. We recorded the Warrior album, which included the song Champion. This was released in the autumn of 1994. Noel then started to tour the UK and Europe sharing the vision and calling people to come to Wembley stadium event. I also encouraged Noel to include the vision on the album sleeve notes that we were going to Wembley, although at the time we felt this was just a Godgiven dream. It was an adventure to support Noel on this journey. Our first goal was to see Wembley Arena filled, which holds 11,000 people. In 1996 we took the Arena and it was sold out with 6 weeks to go, so the next step was to book the Stadium. The Stadium event happened in Wembley in June 1997 when close to 50,000 worshippers gathered to declare Jesus as the ‘Champion of the World.’

I was grateful that Noel trusted me enough to share his dream with me and it was my privilege to play a part in seeing this happen. Around this time, a couple of the intercessors wrote to Noel saying that Wembley wasn’t the end but the beginning and that there were three other stadiums to worship in. These were Berlin, Budapest & Barcelona. Noel considered this and felt to go for Berlin first. This event was called Calling All Nations and this took place in Berlin Olympic stadium in 2006. A video was made of the Wembley Stadium event directed masterfully by Stephen Bennett which featured a shot of someone holding up a Hungarian flag toward the close of the video. Viktor László saw this and was so impacted that he felt one day a stadium worship event should happen in Budapest. Viktor contacted Noel and invited him to Hungary. There was an immediate heart connection with Noel and Viktor and they began to dream together about building toward a stadium gathering.

I first met Viktor in Berlin at one of the pre-stadium concerts and found him to be a man of vision who I was confident was the right person to partner with. I began coming across to the This is the Day events and have been working closely with International worship leaders and artists encouraging them to come to Budapest. I am still amazed that the intercessors prophesied about Budapest before we knew of Viktor and before Viktor had watched the Wembley video. The purpose of God will be fulfilled and I believe that the Puskás stadium event is in the purpose and will of God.