We believe that in the course of each year, there should be one day that’s different and special, when God’s people come together to worship their Maker. Our annual event gives us, believers an opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus, to express our acceptance towards one another, and to experience the unity found in God’s family.

We believe we’re living in the time of gathering. God desires to gather His people from every nation, every denomination and every age group. Both its historical background and its geographical features make Budapest the most perfect location for different people groups of the Carpathian Basin to come before the throne of God, bringing sacrifices of praise from all over the Carpathian Basin, and even from all of Europe. We believe that July 18, 2020 might become the largest Christian worship gathering of the 21st century, as we cry out to the Lord together from the newly built Puskás Arena. We desire to turn to our Maker in songs, preaching, and prayer, testifying of the Lord Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

The vision for This Is The Day! began more than 20 years ago, for a worship gathering that would bring together Hungarian believers from Hungary and adjacent nations. The goal was to one day gather at the country’s then most significant stadium—The Népstadion—where we would express our faith and unity that reaches across denominational boundaries. We have been gathering believers from every denomination since the year 2000.

We also welcome seekers knowing that our event offers an opportunity for them to connect with their Savior, and have their lives touched and changed forever. We believe in the importance of assigning a day to the gathering of believers, who come together with thanksgiving in the name of Jesus, praying for the repentance and salvation of our nation and for the revival of the Church. In the past 20 years, our events have been attended by more than 250,000 participants from all over the Carpathian Basin, and our stages have hosted representatives of over 30 nations.

Our goal is to encourage believers to make a more serious commitment to Christ, thus impacting the lives of those around them. Our desire is to encourage our brothers and sisters in fulfilling their call of being salt and light in the world, their very lives being witnesses to the Love of God. We desire to see an increasing unity among believers, and we hope to help them by encouraging acceptance. We desire to be witnesses to those around us by the love and acceptance we show towards one another. The key to success in this mission is working together in unity. Freedom and openness experienced in a kind and loving environment: a key characteristic of our events. We are very grateful that God is using our ministry, and that This Is The Day! can serve as a bridge connecting generations, denominations and all nations.

Just like all of our events, our Stadium celebration will be a time of testifying of Jesus Christ through music, songs, encouraging messages, teaching, and testimonies. We desire to express our commitment to Jesus Christ without being ashamed of our past, embracing our future. We want to come before Jesus and intercede for our nation with repentant hearts, seeking for His forgiveness for our past, when we denied Him, asking for a future that is true to Him and is spent walking in His blessings. We hope to be able to create an event that provides an opportunity for the glory of Jesus to shine among us, believers.

The invitation to join this event is open to all believers who are able and willing to identify with our goals in humility and brotherly love. We are calling on all nations, and everyone that longs to experience a revival and is ready to live a renewed LIFE to come and join us from all corners of the Carpathian Basin and Europe. Come and be a part of this mission! We are counting on you! Do you want to bring a whole group of people or serve as one of our ambassadors? Contact us, we would love to be of assistance!